15 Free Lockdown Activities | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

lockdown activities

15 Free Lockdown Activities | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

So you’re in lockdown.  Assuming all your time isn’t consumed with looking after kids/working from home or being one of the heroes that are working on the front line, chances are you may have some free time on your hands.  We’ve put together a list of awesome free stuff you can do once you’ve binged on your favourite Netflix series and eaten all your Easter chocolate.

  1. Become a Movie Buff

There are so many outlets you can get great movies on.  Now is the time to re-visit some old classics you loved but never get time to watch again (yes to Pretty Woman!).  Openculture has a list of 1150 free films you can watch online right now.  Get the popcorn ready!

lockdown activities

2. Take in Some Culture 

The latest technology means you can explore other cities and even other times online.  Why not tour ancient Rome, visit the MoMa or pop into the Tate. You can then impress your friends and family on facetime with your newfound knowledge.  

3. Get Creative

If you have a job that allows you to be creative and you aren’t able to do that at the moment, find another outlet for your creativity. 403 episodes of Joy of Painting have been added to YouTube, so if you can’t paint a beautiful balayage or insane nail art then try some landscapes instead.

4. Give Yourself a Home Facial

Most of us have some gorgeous products at home that we don’t have time to make the most of.  Hunt in your bathroom cupboard for those testers and free samples or your favourite face mask you had forgotten about and have a pamper night.  Take the time to do a proper facial routine including a double cleanse, toning and a mask. Your skin will thank you for it. If you’ve never had a facial and don’t know where to start, WikiHow has an awesome step by step guide with pictures.   

lockdown activities

5. Take on a Fitness Challenge 

If you are missing the gym there are plenty of fitness challenges you can try out from home and come out of lockdown fitter, leaner and stronger. The 100 push up challenge or doing PE with Joe Wicks everyday (it’s not just great for kids!) can get you motivated and improve not only your physical health but your mental health as well. The 30 DaySquat Challenge by Shape is the one we are hoping will give us the perfect Summer silhouette.

6. Have a (virtual) Houseparty

Houseparty allows large video group chats so you can get together with your friends and family for a drink, chat or to play some games.  If you are feeling bored you can jump into anyone’s chat that you are friends with, which can have you catching up with people you don’t usually make time for.

7. Perfect a New Recipe

One of the good things about being at home is that you finally have the time to cook things from scratch.  There are huge amounts of free recipes online, we use Pinterest for ideas and create boards for different categories. If you’re struggling to get your regular cupboard essentials you can use this great website for substitutions.  Or just mix it up and create your own twist,  so there’s no excuses! BBC Good Food do some amazing recipes with only five ingedients.  Perfect when your shopping is limited.  

lockdown activities

8. Learn a Language

Many of us would love to chat to the locals when we take our holiday to Italy, or we’d just like to impress our other halves with our second language. Open University has some amazing free courses on different languages including Mandarin and German. Being in lockdown gives you plenty of time to dedicate to learning a new language, brushing up on vocabulary, and testing out pronunciation.

9. Hinch Your House

An organisers dream is having a few days to clean your house from top to bottom.  Go room by room making a list of all the bits you’ve been putting off and work your way down it at your own pace.  The satisfaction when it’s all done will be worth it, trust us.  

10. Make a For Sale Pile

While you’re cleaning it’s a great time to have a sort out and get rid of anything you don’t use.  If you have a storage area like a garage, start a pile that you can sell once lockdown is over. This can also bring in some extra income to help in these unpredictable times.

11. Bring Some Zen Into Your Life

There is no doubt that this is a tough time for most of us. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is as important as eating well and trying to exercise.  Yoga is a great way to de-stress, stay healthy and centre your mind. Yoga with Adriene does loads of different videos from awakening to nourishment and is great for beginners and intermediate alike.  


12. Give Something Back

We are seeing some beautiful stories of kindness and people helping others. In a world that sometimes seems disconnected and cruel, it’s great to know there are communities, families, estates that are coming together to help each other out.  The NHS is recruiting for volunteer responders to help people through this crisis, either from home or out and about. There may also be local groups you can help with or just a vulnerable neighbour that needs assistance. 

13. Start a Blog 

Now is a great time to build your online audience. Interest in areas like cooking has shot up in recent weeks, and if that’s your skill, why not share it?  Blogging is also a great way to be creative and is quite a therapeutic way to chat through your experience.  We are part of a huge section of history… wouldn’t it be amazing to have a record of it as the memory soon fades once things go back to normal.  Wix is a great platform with some beautiful mobile friendly templates and lots of customer support in case you have any technical issues. 

14. Learn First Aid

First Aid For Free offer online courses in CPR and First Aid, meaning you can be prepared for any emergencies in your home. It can be unsettling to feel like you can’t visit urgent care centres, especially if you have children.  Learning basic first aid can make you feel more prepared and put your mind at ease, whilst also taking pressure off our overstretched NHS.  

15. Plan a Holiday

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that allows you to work from home and your income hasn’t been affected, you are probably saving money on commuting, lunches and daily coffees.  Why not spend a bit of time working out what you will save and put this towards a holiday. Not only will it feel like there is an upside to this lockdown but you will have something to look forward to once we are back to normal. Air BnB is a great holiday planning tool with not just great places to stay but also amazing activities you can try.  

lockdown activities

Having said all this, we all respond to a crisis in different ways, and if you get through the days by lounging in comfies and flicking through the TV, then do you!  Whatever you need to see yourself to the other side.  There are those who’ve set themselves fitness goals and daily tasks to keep themselves motivated, and others that take each day as it comes and just does the stuff that makes them feel better.  Neither of these are better or worse. The important thing is that we stay home and stay safe.

Take care x

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