2020 Hair Trends | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

2020 hair trends

2020 Hair Trends | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

We’ve all got a lot more time on our hands at the moment and there are lots of stories out there about home hair transformations (eek!).  We know that boredom can kick it and it may seem like a good idea, but trust us…..if you wait until your stylist can advise you, you won’t be left with a haircut or colour you can’t live with. 

They say that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life, and in this case we haven’t had much say in these life changing moments.  What we can choose is how we are going to mix it up when we can finally get back to the salon.  

We totally get you feeling the need to change it up, though.  This time has maybe meant your colour has faded, your fringe has grown out, and you’ve got the opportunity to try something different.  We’ve put together the top looks for this year so you can start planning your new ‘I can leave the house’ look now.  

The Lob

The lob was big in 2019 and isn’t going anywhere.  This type of bob sits just above your shoulders (unlike a typical bob which stops at the jaw line).  It makes your hair long enough to tie up, which can be a complete lifesaver when it comes to sweaty gym sessions or the home, hair up, pjs on vibe; but is short enough that you can play with textures and create an edgier look.  For those who aren’t as bold when it comes to getting the chop, this can be a great middle ground that will allow you to play it safe but give you a completely different look. It’s also easy to maintain and suits most face shapes.  Winner!

2020 hair trends

The Colour Contrast

Unlike the lob, this one isn’t for the faint of heart.  Instead of straight lines of colour when you go for highlights or balayage, this trend calls for puddles of colour in the roots.  Your stylist will use a technique to jaggedly add colour to the middle section of your hair. If you are feeling adventurous, this one is definitely for you.  

2020 hair trends

Face Framing Highlights

Dry, damaged hair in need of some rest from over highlighting? Face framers are the perfect way to look and feel like you’re a blonde bombshell but without processing your whole head of hair, giving it a much needed rest in between. Never dyed your hair but wanting a change? These money pieces are the perfect starting point for any colour transition without fully committing to the whole look.

2020 hair trends


If you can’t decide between blonde and brunette, then this one’s for you.  The in-between colour that models and celebrities are sporting can be achieved in many different ways by mixing tones of blonde and brown.  The bonus to keeping the brown tones is that it’s less harsh on your hair than bleaching it to a lighter blonde tone.      

2020 hair trends


There is no denying that if you want to completely switch up your look, red is definitely the way to go.  This colour warms you up and gives you a fiery, red hot look. Opt for shampoos that are sulphate free to avoid stripping the colour and make sure you book in for regular colour top ups, as this one will fade fast and be more noticeable.  If you’ve ever played with the idea of becoming a redhead, 2020 could be the year to give it a go.  

2020 hair trends

Silver Blonde

More subtle than the silver trend and more up to date, the silver blonde can give you those Daenarys Targaryen vibes without having to go all in.  Because it’s staying in the blonde family, purple shampoo is going to be your best ally to keep this colour toned.  

2020 hair trends

Rose golds

We love how versatile blonde hair is to add multiple tones. These rosey gold shades are giving us serious spring/summer 2020 vibes. Keep in mind these colours take a lot of maintenance and strict aftercare products should be followed but we think it’s completely worth it!

2020 hair trends

Root melt

This already popular look is here to stay this year and next.  It’s a low maintenance look that is attractive to anyone who doesn’t have the time or budget for frequent root touch ups, but will still add some colour and dimension to the hair.  Where dark roots were usually seen as a sign of being overdue a colour, we are actually embracing them for this look. 

2020 hair trends

A fresh outlook on life is a great opportunity to start over, set new goals and be whoever you want to be. We can’t wait to welcome you back in the chair and see what your 2020 transformation will be.  See you on the other side – we miss you x

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