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We can often get in a rut with our beauty routine, we buy and use the same products over and over again.  If you feel like you’re stuck in a time warp with your products or have got into bad habits, read our top beauty habits you’ll want to get into this year.

“I will clean my makeup tools”

Imagine arriving to have your make up done professionally and the MUA pulled out YOUR makeup brushes: would you be happy for them to use them on your super cleansed, fresh face?  Or would it make you want to run out the door? Your brushes can hold dead skin cells, bacteria and can affect your skin health if you don’t give them a good scrub regularly. There are so many products and gadgets that can help you out, like this from Look Fantastic, there is no excuse to not give them a monthly wash.

“I will make an effort to be extra”

Whether it’s your make up, skincare or even your shower gel, sometimes it’s ok to splash out a bit.   It could be that Charlotte Tilbury foundation you’ve been dying to try or a luxurious bath cream – be extra in a good way – You deserve it!


“I will invest in my skin”

Don’t wait until you start seeing lines to spend money on your skin.  An eye cream a day (say goodbye to dark circles) and a healing night cream (hello fresh morning skin) are a great habit to get into to make sure your face looks it’s absolute best for years to come.

“I will reduce my screen time”

A lot of us are addicted to our phones and are more likely to have an hour scrolling through social media before bed than picking up a book.  Studies have shown that we are less likely to get a good night’s sleep if we stare at our screens before we snooze and are also less productive in a morning if we check our phones first thing. Sleep is an essential element of our beauty routine and also our mental wellbeing, if you’re struggling to nod off there are some gorgeous sleep sprays that will leave you super relaxed like this one from This Works with Ylang Ylang and Patchouli.

“I will mask more”


Sundays are made for masking and relaxing whether it is your hair, face. Not only does your hair and skin deserve a treat after a busy week, you will feel much better facing a manic Monday if you’ve taken some time to chill and pamper.  Make sure you’re choosing a mask that tackles your skin issues. Don’t go for clarifying if you suffer from dry skin, for example.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep.  The more you take time for yourself and practice self-care, the happier and healthier you will be, inside and out.  

Laura x

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