It’s Official: These Are Going to Be the 8 Biggest Makeup Trends in 2020

It’s Official: These Are Going to Be the 8 Biggest Makeup Trends in 2020

2019 was definitely a big year for makeup.  We saw some standout eye looks with statement liner, impactful shadow and colourful glitter.  There was some major 90’s influence such as bold blue eyeshadow, glossy lips and black pencil eyeliner.  So what is 2020 going to bring?  Keep scrolling to see the biggest trends for the rest of this year.  

  1. Exaggerated eye shapes

The eyes are going to be a huge focus this year.  It’s all about a pop of colour on the eye and creating gorgeous, exaggerated shapes and using soft blurred and blended blocks of colour.  2020 is about making colour less defined to enhance your features.  

2. Pops of Blue 

If there’s one colour you should expect to see more of this year it’s blue.   Classic blue is the 2020 colour of the year.   If you are just starting to experiment with colour team it with a nude lip and matte flawless skin.

3. White Eyeliner

Cream and white eyeliner are going to be huge this year and are a great transition from black liner to the more adventurous coloured shades.  It looks great teamed with blue shadow for a contrast but  doesn’t have to go on the waterline.  Wing it out and team it with fluttery lashes for an updated 60’s inspired look.  

4. Colourful Eyeliner

Which leads us on perfectly to coloured liner.  Pastels and neons are going to be big this year, especially when worn with contrasting shades.  Pink looks amazing with red, blue with orange and browner tones and is a great way to experiment with colour without feeling too daring.  

5. The Classics

There will always be new makeup trends, but this year is also seeing the resurgence of the old classics, which is great news for anyone who can’t do without a red lip or winged liner.  Try a matte lip and team it with a flawless complexion for an updated look.  

6. Makeup and Skincare in One

Our skin is constantly bombarded with UV rays, free radicals, covered in tan and make up; so more and more people are looking for their makeup to do more.  Products that not only make your skin look great but are also good for your skin.  IT cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 is a colour corrector, full coverage foundation that is also hydrating, anti-ageing and has an inbuilt SPF 50.  

7. Sheer Makeup

While 2019 was all about full coverage, strobing, highlighting and contouring, 2020 is all about less is more.  Sheer, more natural products are what it’s all about, especially coming into spring.  

8. Sustainable Beauty

We are all for helping the planet however and wherever we can.  There are beauty brands out there conscious of their impact on the environment and committed to the reduction of necessary waste.  Kosas are awesome at raising environmental awareness but also having really cool packaging.  We love their 10 second eyeshadow which comes in a liquid formula and then dries down to create a gorgeous, imperfect finish.  Try the blue called Nitrogen so you can hit two trends in one.    

I hoped you’ve enjoyed our look at the biggest makeup trends this year.  Please click here and head over to our YouTube Channel to subscribe to our latest content. 

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