104 Days Later | The Re-Opening of Victoria Hutchinson & Co


104 Days Later | The Re-Opening of Victoria Hutchinson & Co

It’s been 104 days since we closed our doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve socially distanced, worn masks in public, sanitised and washed our hands to within an inch of their life and spent more time on video calls than we ever have before. Some of us have worked from home, some of us have been furloughed (who knew what that word meant before?) and some have juggled schooling and home life.  

There have been home haircuts, DIY dye jobs and a whole new wardrobe full of lounge wear.  Some of us have relished the time at home and been extremely productive with projects and learning new skills.  While others have struggled with the lack of human interaction and the added stress of a pandemic on top of the already fairly hectic life that a lot of us have in 2020.

We’ve realised how much we appreciate our hairstylists, our beauty therapists, and our social life.   We’ve seen the very best of the human race with our brave NHS workers, key workers and the everyday heroes that are taking care of others rather than just looking out for themselves.

We have awaited a monthly update from the government, crossing our fingers for good news about seeing our friends and family and finally being able to get a decent hair cut.  On the 23rd of June we finally had the go ahead to re-open and we’ve been working our way down our waiting list ever since.

There are some that think it’s too soon, and some that think it couldn’t come soon enough.  But all we can do is make sure we are as sensible and safe as possible and that we do what we feel is right for us.  If you prefer to shield for another couple of months, go for it.  If you are ready to hit the bar and show off your brand new balayage, then do you.  Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions and situations, so be kind.  

We want to reassure you that if you are coming into the salon, we have yours and our safety as our utmost priority.  There will only be one client per stylist at a time, and a maximum of four stylists a day.  The distance between stylists is 2 metres and there is 1.5 metres between you and the client opposite, which is also divided with a mirror.  All clients and stylists will be wearing PPE and all towels and gowns will be single use. There will be no waiting area, no drinks and no magazines.  So bring in your favourite book and grab a Chai Latte from Costa before you come in.  We want your salon experience to be as relaxing and as safe as possible and will do our best to find the perfect balance.  

If you have any concerns or haven’t booked an appointment yet please feel free to get in touch on any of our social media channels or by calling the salon. 

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