6 Reasons to Try Hair Extensions | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

reasons to try hair extensions

6 Reasons to Try Hair Extensions | Victoria Hutchinson & Co

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions but not sure if it’s going to be worth it? We’re here to help you figure it out. Everyone knows that hair extensions are great for adding volume and length, but do you know all the benefits they can give?  Here are our top six reasons you should be investing in hair extensions.

  1.  Length

Many of us get frustrated that our hair won’t grow past a certain length, no matter how careful we are with it, how many treatments we use on it and even how many hair type vitamins we take.  If this sounds like you, hair extensions could be the perfect solution.  

Maybe it’s not a lack of hair growth that’s your issue, it could be overly processed and just breaks at the touch of your hairbrush. Either way, a good cut, treatment and fresh set of hair extensions could completely transform your hair and give your natural hair chance to have that much needed cut you’ve been putting off. This will allow your own hair to grow whilst having the extensions to disguise it. 

2. Colour

Hair extensions are a great way to experiment with colour without damaging your natural hair.  You could go for some highlights or low lights, or finally give the balayage trend a try.  It’s such an easy way to play about with different colours without the commitment to your own hair.

3. Volume

Many of us would love thick, voluminous hair, and extensions can give you that instantly!   At Victoria Hutchinson & Co we are experts in getting the perfect colour match and a seamless blend.  We will make sure you have the right method and amount for you and your hair and give you that ‘hair toss’ feeling.  

4. Style

There’s nothing better, especially at milestones in our lives, to give our look a switch up.  Having longer, thicker hair means that you have so many more options when it comes to creating your dream looks. Long fishtail braids, volumed messy buns, high thick ponytails… the options are endless.  

A lot of us head to Pinterest when we have a special occasion coming up.  The problem with this is  many styles on there will be modelled by either women with hair extensions or with naturally thick and voluminous hair already.  It can be tough for your stylist, no matter how talented, to create your pinned look on your own hair without a bit of extra help.  Hair extensions can make any look, no matter how dramatic and daring, achievable – whether it’s a bridal up do or thick, long waves.

5. No Damage

You heard it –  If you follow these simple steps, even when your extensions are removed you will still have healthy, longer hair, thicker hair than before your extensions.

  • Choose a salon with a great reputation
  • Get the highest quality extensions you can afford
  • Use the right products with no sulphates or parabens.  Kevin Murphy products are not just kind to your hair but their packaging is kind to the environment too.
  • Take good care of them 
  • Give your hair a break every so often 
  • Have them removed/refitted by the same salon who applied them

6. Save yourself time

Do you spend ages curling your hair  for it to drop out a couple of hours later?  Hair extensions hold a style for much longer, meaning you can just give it a gentle brush and a quick spray before you step out in the morning having curled it a day or two before.  And who doesn’t want an extra half hour in bed?!

We hope this has made your decision a little easier.  Hair extensions are definitely a big commitment, both money wise and in terms of maintenance.  But the payoff is definitely worth it and something we believe you should treat yourself to at least once.  Once you do, you’ll be addicted. Click here to book your consultation today, or send an email to Victoria@victoriahutchinson.co.uk if you have any questions regarding our extension services.

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