Wedding Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

styles for every bride

Wedding Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

As a bride, we think about the ‘holy trinity’ when it comes to our look…, make up and dress.  Most brides dream of their wedding day for a long time, although styles and trends change over the years.  With countless videos and pictures that will live on forever there to capture your day and your look from every angle, we totally get why it’s so important.  We wanted to help you get the right hairstyle for your hair type to have you feeling your absolute best on your big day.

Some brides opt for hair extensions for their wedding day, but if you decide not to take that route, you’ll need a style that is achievable with your hair type and one that will last in your hair.  

Styles for Fine Hair

A classic Low chignon

A simple, but no less beautiful and classy style for any bride. Also great if your hair is on the thinner side because you can add bulk with a bun doughnut or a hair extension piece. Perfect styled with a long tousled face framing fringe.

Mixed braid and tousled waves

A modern, textured style which creates a false sense of thickness and volume. Again, with this style you can use hair extensions to add extra thickness and length.

Crown Braid

Why not try a crown braid for your big day? Especially if you are going for a bohemian style wedding. This can be the perfect, simple style that you can wear as it is or dress up with flowers.  Plaiting your hair automatically makes it look thicker and you can also use the plait to anchor your veil.  Winner!

Crimped waves

Crimped waves are not only very ‘this year’ but also styling your hair with curls lifts the hair shaft and gives you the thickness you crave.  Tease your hair at the crown and add some dry shampoo for extra texture and thickness.  

Styles for Long Hair

Brushed out Waves

This look gives us Hollywood Glam vibes and absolutely exudes class. It can be achieved with a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers, then just brush out the curls to create the perfect soft wave.  Make sure you’ve had a recent trip to the salon to ensure the colour and cut is fresh as with your hair down there is nowhere for grown out balayage or split ends to hide.  

Deep side part with accessories

This works great if you have long, voluminous hair and the accessory will stay in more easily if you wave the hair first.  Achieve this elegant look by gathering your hair to one side and using your comb to create a deep side part, then clip or slide in your accessory on the opposite side. Don’t be afraid to go too embellished or sparkly, it’s your big day!  This is a super feminine look because it highlights your collarbone and shoulders.  

Tousled up-do

If you’re worried about not keeping your style in right through to your reception or your waves becoming frizzy, this look is the one for you; especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.  For a look like this you will need to start by curling your hair, then secure each section with a grip and SPRAY! 

Loose Plaits

There’s nothing more boho than a braid, especially a loose, ‘pulled out’ one. Leave a few hairs out at the front to frame your face.

Styles for short hair

Swept back

Just because your hair is shorter, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful for your wedding day.  As far as wedding day styles go, it doesn’t get much more elegant or low maintenance than this.  Start with a great blow dry to give you volume and style and then brush the side back with a small amount of hairspray and secure.


However short your hair, a beautiful headband can give you effortless style and perfectly compliment your dress. 

Flower Crown 

If flowers were a big thing for you when planning your wedding and you are in love with the ones you’ve chosen, why not ask your florist to create a flower crown to wear on your big day.  Just make sure you try it on when your florist drops your flowers off so that she can make any necessary adjustments.  

The moral of the story is, you can have dreamy hair no matter what your hair type, you just need to go with something that fits.  There is no point going to your bridal trial with a picture of thick, voluminous blonde waves if you have short, dark hair (unless you are prepared for some serious salon time for colouring and extensions).  At Victoria Hutchinson and Co we allow an hour and a half for your wedding trial, so there is plenty of time for us to discuss options.  The more prep you do before your trial, the easier life will be. Make sure you’ve booked your hair appointments leading up to the wedding and if you’re having hair extensions they will look their best if they’ve been recently fitted or re fitted and well looked after. We hope this has helped you get some inspiration for your bridal hairstyle.

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