Love Is In The Hair | Styling Your Valentines Hair In 2020

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Love Is In The Hair | Styling Your Valentines Hair In 2020

Whether you’re planning something special for Valentine’s Day (or ‘Galentine’s Day if you are spending the 14th with your best single friends) we’ve got you covered.  Chances are you have something big and wavy in mind, but there are loads of options that will leave you feeling in the mood for love or ready to mingle.  After all, self-love is true love!  

Anything Bold and Unconventional 

If you’ve booked in for a chop this February why not go for something unconventional?  Your stylist can talk you through what is or isn’t possible with what you’re rocking at the moment and also give you a good idea what will suit your face shape.   Whether it’s an offbeat colour or an edgy cut, a surprise for your significant other could really shake things up. 

If you’re not feeling so daring but still want to switch things up for V-day, what about just swapping around your parting? If you’re traditionally a middle parting kind of girl go for a deep side part.  It’s an easy way to up the glam factor and you may even find it’s actually more flattering to your face shape than your usual look. 

Natural and Effortless

We can sometimes spend an hour styling our hair to within an inch of its life, when sometimes the most beautiful look is a natural one.  Sexy and effortlessly chic – even Victoria’s Secret models are sporting it down the runway. If you think your man prefers the low maintenance look, what a result! It means a quick and easy ‘do’ that’s good for your hair without any damaging heat.  Just let your hair air dry or add some Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray for that ‘day at the beach’ hair.  

It’s a good idea to balance your look, so if you are going for beachy waves make sure your makeup is flawless and polished and your outfit is well put together

Pulled Back

Having your hair pulled back doesn’t always mean a harsh look.  A messy bun with a few strands at the front can create a really gorgeous, romantic look.   Wearing our hair down can, for some of us, offer a security blanket and makes us feel more ‘glammed up’ but many partners love it when our hair is out of our face and they can see our features, whether it be a bun with face-framing pieces or a loose braid.   

Classic and timeless, the ponytail is such a versatile look that is perfect for everything from a casual coffee with your boyfriend to a fancy evening out, so it’s easy to make it your own this Valentine’s Day.    Best of all, it can be adapted to suit your style; a low ponytail has girl next door vibes while a slicked back high pony is more edgy. 

Lots of Length and Volume

When we think of glamorous hair we tend to think of long, luscious locks; but unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with this gene. Luckily, for the rest of us there are extensions.  Whether you want a quick fix solution or something more permanent, Beauty Works offer so many different options for either extra fullness or some jaw-dropping length. Such an easy way to give your hair an instant boost.    Have a ‘hair spa’ evening before the big day to ensure your hair is soft and hydrated and looking its best. Incorporating a hair masque like the Kevin Murphy Angel Masque into your routine a couple of times a week is a great way to keep you hair healthy.  

Above all, remember that confidence breeds beauty; so whatever style you are planning on rocking this V Day, keep your head high and your hair glossy.If you’d like to book in at Victoria Hutchinson & Co follow this link – we cant wait to see you! –

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