10 Productive Jobs You Can Finally Get Round To

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10 Productive Jobs You Can Finally Get Round To

I don’t know about you but the first couple of weeks or even couple of months felt less like being a prisoner in our own homes and more like a welcome opportunity to watch Netflix all day!  The longer we are at home with extra time on our hands, the harder it can be to try and fill our time.  If you are twiddling your thumbs and need a bit of motivation to get some jobs done you wouldn’t usually have time for, we’ve got you..

  1. Care for Your Hair 

In our everyday busy lives our hair can sometimes take a back seat. We do what we can to make it look presentable but the days we resort to dry shampoo and a messy bun are all too common.  Now is a great time to give your hair a well-deserved pamper and some extra tlc so you can come out of lockdown with luscious locks that are healthier than ever.

When we aren’t doing as much we could stretch out the amount of days between hair washes and styling, meaning your hair can have a break from heat damage and being loaded with styling products. Take the time once a week to use a hair mask, and if you don’t have one at home olive oil is a great alternative and something you’ve probably got in your cupboards. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons to damp hair, comb through and leave on for 30 minutes.

We love the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque which is formulated to re-hydrate and soften dry, frizzy and coarse hair types. 

2. Hinch Your Hair Tools

If a friend asked to borrow your brush would you be mortified?  Now is a great time to give your hair tools the clean they have been missing.  Simply pull out excess hair with the pointy end of a comb, fill the sink with warm water and shampoo and use an old toothbrush to scrub between the bristles.  Leave it to air dry and it will sparkle like new.  

Next, clear your hairdryer.  Remove the hair filter at the back and with some tweezers pick out any big bits of dust caught up in there. Rinse it with hot water and leave it out to dry completely before popping it back in.  

For your curlers or straighteners, a damp cloth or some rubbing alcohol will clean up the plates and get rid of any built up product.  

3. Prolong Your Hair Extensions

When you’ve spent a lot of money on good quality hair extensions, you want them to last and look great for as long as possible.  Clip ins should be washed after around every 30 wears using sulphate free products.  Make sure you don’t leave them wet as this could break down adhesive and brushing damp hair can cause damage.  Also make sure they are stored properly.  A shoe or hat box is a great option or this extension hanger and carrier set is also perfect.  

4. Give your Make Up Brushes a Deep Clean

Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly can lead to them not lasting as long and, worse, bad skin.  Your brushes gather up all sorts of things like dead skin cells, oils, dirt and even sometimes the occasional dust mite.  A deep clean once a month is great, and now we have more time and also don’t need to worry about them drying to apply make up the next day, this is the perfect opportunity.  There are many gadgets and products on the market, but actually one of the best things to use is washing up liquid.  It cuts through and grease and oil and the antibacterial ones will mean your brushes will be super sparkly and hygienic.  

Use warm, not red hot water, and when drying them out lay them on a window ledge or surface rather than putting them upright, as this will cause the glue to become damp and you will lose bristles.  

5. De Fuzz Your Jumpers

Do you have a favourite cosy jumper or joggers but they are full of pills (those little balls that cling to your clothes) and you don’t feel like you can wear them anymore? Using a small pair of scissors or a razor blade you can remove these annoying balls and restore your clothes to their former glory. If you don’t have the patience for that you can buy a clothes shaver, like this one from John Lewis, and save yourself some time.

6. Deep Clean Your Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, but if not kept clean can be a hive of grime and bacteria.  If it’s been a while since your water bottle has had anything more than a quick wash in the sink, now is the time to give it a good clean.  If your bottle is stained or smelling less than fresh, try water with a teaspoon of baking soda.  It will get rid of unwanted odours and acts as a mild abrasive.  To sterilise it, fill it hallway with equal parts white vinegar and water, give it a good shake and leave it overnight.   Rinse well with warm water and you’re left with a sparkly clean bottle!

7. Become a Styling Goddess

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut with our hair.  The same way of blow drying, the same style when we wear it up.  But not only does it get a bit mundane, tying up your hair in the same place all the time can cause damage.  If you’ve always wanted to master fishtail braids but never had the chance, now’s the time.  Alex Gaboury does some great tutorials on everything from heatless curls to low buns.  Finding a great way to blow dry your own hair is pretty much invaluable.  If you do a good blow out when you first wash your hair, your style will stay put for much longer and mean you don’t need to do so much heat styling until your next wash.  

 8. Get Your Mattress in a Spin

This may seem really boring but there are so many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, including better skin, more productivity and weight loss.  If you’ve spent a lot of money on a mattress and don’t regularly rotate it (every 3 months or so), chances are there will be a you shaped dent in the spot you usually sleep and you will start to see less benefits from your mattress.  

Make sure you clear the area first to avoid any breakages and why not use the opportunity to give under your bed a hoover: two birds with one stone!

9. Upgrade Your Undies

There is something about having beautiful underwear that makes you feel incredible.  Just because it’s not worn on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in. We all need those functional pieces, but why not take this time to give your underwear drawer a good clear out of anything you wouldn’t want to be seen in. Invest in some drawer dividers to organise your socks, bras and pants and always story your bras one cup inside the other to retain shape.  Once you’ve had a clear out, reward yourself with a gorgeous new set. Bluebella do some stunning sets that won’t break the bank. 

10. Clear Out Your Cosmetics 

I think most of us probably have some real ‘investment’ pieces of makeup that we don’t wear everyday but decided to treat ourselves to a luxury item for special occasions.  Or we have a stash of makeup that we don’t really use but it seems like a waste to just throw it.  Unfortunately, unlike clothing, cosmetics do have a use by date.  Most of the time it is on the packaging, but if not here is a rough guide.  

Concealer – 1 year

Cream blush: 1 year

Eyeliner – 3 months

Eyeliner pencil – 2 years

Eyeshadow – 1 year

Foundation – 1 year

Lip balm – 1 to 5 years

Lip gloss – 1 year

Lipstick – 2 years

Liquid eyeliner – 3 months

Mascara – 3 months

Nail polish – 1 year

Powder blush – 2 years

It can be hard to get rid, but trust us: once it’s out of its best by date it won’t perform or look as it should and you won’t be doing your skin any favours.   Plus it’s a great excuse to buy some cool product storage, like this beautiful make up case from Beautify.

Hopefully, this list will get you motivated to get moving.  After all, we feel so much better after having a productive day.  You may find that this is the start of having a whole house spring clean!  The feeling you get after a good sort out can be quite addictive. 

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