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My latest blog post I wanted to address the topic of washing your hair EVERY single day. My clients will know that I do not agree with washing, drying and styling your hair on the daily. 

I don’t like to be negative but here are 4 little facts i’ve come up with on why you SHOULDN’T be doing this & im going to be helping you by showing you some day old hair styling tips to help you on your hair journey.

  1. Daily shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils so it’s constantly producing more to replace them.
  2. Washing your hair 7 times a week also means blow drying & styling triple times the amount you could be doing. This makes the hair dry, brittle, break, whilst still having oily roots. This in turn makes you use a clarifying shampoo to banish the oil hence making the mid lengths to ends of your hair even worse.
  3. Want your expensive hair colour, toner & even extensions to last longer? Washing daily will mean you are back in the hairdressers more frequently to get your colour refreshed and your extensions redone. 
  4. A daily routine of shampooing your hair twice followed by a wash out conditioner uses annually about 14,222 litres of water and 1252kWh of energy, costs about £245, and has a carbon footprint of 500kg of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO₂e). Not to mention, the aerosols, products and plastic waste which also comes from this.  So not only will you save your hair by cutting down on washes, you’ll also save the planet!

Wash your hair less and spend your money more wisely! Investing in the correct products to suit your hair type will eliminate the greasy scalp, repair your dry brittle hair and produce less of a carbon footprint.

Listed below are my personal favourite products I use on my own hair. My hair is normal to oily with some dry split ends from being long. I try to leave my hair 3 days without washing.

KM Maxi wash – First shampoo

  • A deep cleansing shampoo to strip unwanted product residue and excess oil that can build up in your hair. Tropical fruit acids (AHA) and anti pollution agents deeply cleanse the hair. 
  • Sage extracts dissolve the fats and oils. A herbal blend of Lime, Mint and Eucalyptus remove excess oil and stimulate sluggish and sensitive scalps. This product is sulphate free.
  • Relieves skin conditions by speeding up the healing process
  • Improves blood circulation to promote a healthy scalp, and antioxidants protect the hair and preserve colour

KM Angel wash – Second shampoo

  • A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken hair. Great for oily scalps and hair.
  • Designed to cleanse without stripping your hair.
  • Grapefruit gently cleanses stressed out hair and controls frizz on fine, dry hair
  • Fullness and body
  • Promotes healthy growth, balances sebum production, and stimulates regeneration
  • Rich in vitamin C and calms scalp inflammation

Apply Angel Wash to wet hair and massage into the hair and scalp, rinse and repeat if needed.

KM Angel rinse – Conditioner

  • A delicate moisturising conditioner for fine, dry hair
  • Promotes hair growth and is cellular regenerative. It also provides beneficial treatment for oily skin and hair
  • Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chamomile gently repair damaged hair without adding heavy waxes or oil
  • Keeps your hair soft and protected
  • Helps lock down cuticle for natural shine. Antioxidant vitamins A and C protect against stress

Apply to freshly washed hair and leave for 1 – 2 minutes, then rinse.

KM restore – Replaces your shampoo and conditioner. I use this once a week

  • This ultra-conditioning treatment is ideal for replenishing dry, damaged and over-styled hair. 
  • Designed to be used in place of shampoo and conditioner
  • rebuilds and restores elasticity, strength and moisture it helps to reveal smoother, healthier hair.

Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp and ends. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use 1-2 times a week as a substitute for shampoo & conditioner.

1. Half up half down – Possibly our most favourite of the 5. Half up, half down which you can change up by a ponytail, top knot, 3 strand plait and so many more. You could also add some soft curls or wave with some big chunky wavers. 


2. Low pony – This can take seconds and look extremely cute with a scrunchie. Or wrap some hair around the band to create a seamless polished look.


3. Accessorize – One of the biggest trends of 2019 and also predicting the same for 2020. Either way – we love them! Day old hair? Flat parting and oily fringe? No worries, add some hair clips or an embellished headband for an extremely cute hairstyle.


4. Plaits – My go – to gym hairstyle and even better on day old hair! Easy to do and soo versatile. 

Credit – Unknown

5. Top Knot – Another trend of 2019. Following on from love islands Molly May. We love a top knot and soft wavey fringe, what do you think?


I hope this has been helpful! If you’d like a recommendation for the best Kevin Murphy products for your hair type just send us a DM on Instagram @victoriahutchinsonandco

Thanks for reading,

Victoria x

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