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In the salon we had been looking for a three barrelled waving wand for ages, so when Beauty Works launched their waver we just had to get one.  We thought you’d be interested to know more about it, the look it creates and tips on how to use it.  

The Beauty Works Waver creates mermaid style waves with a triple barrelled design that gives you s-shaped, beachy waves on all hair, long or short.  It gets up to temperature in just 60 seconds, meaning you don’t have to remember to turn it on in advance and it’s energy efficient for quick and easy styling.  

It has ceramic coated barrels that seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and inspire mirror-like shine.  It’s also programmed with an adjustable temperature of 80-220 degrees which means if you have Beauty Works extensions fitted you can lower the temperature to keep your mane from  looking dry and heat damaged.  

beauty works waver

The first thing we noticed was the sleek, gorgeous design.  The waver came with a heat protection mat (we love a freebie!) and carry case in one and an easy instruction leaflet.  Beauty Works also included their Heat Protection spray with lemon and keratin which not only protects your hair but smells super fresh too. 

The actual waver itself is a bit bigger and a lot wider than your usual curling wand but rather than  making it harder to use it actually makes it easier. You can get a much better grip and are less likely to burn your fingers.  Winner!

The waver is really easy to use as it only has three buttons, an on/off button and two temperature controls.  So not only is it kind to your natural hair, you won’t damage your extensions. The multiple heat settings also comes in handy when you want to achieve different looks.  The lower the heat the looser the wave whereas the higher heat the more defined they will be.  

To use the Beauty Works waver start by sectioning your hair and starting with the underneath.  Don’t forget to spray Beauty Works heat protection spray on each section to protect the cuticles.  Wait around 5-10 seconds on each section depending on the heat and then move on to the next. Continue sectioning the hair and waving until you’ve completed the look.  The beauty of the waver compared to a curling iron is that you don’t have to be concerned with which direction you’re working in.

When you’re finished you will have super cute mermaid waves.  A spray of Beauty Works hairspray and you’re good to go!

Overall, we would say the wand is super easy to use, and gives you long lasting beautiful waves when you want a change from your usual curls.  It’s a 10 out of 10 from us!

beauty works waver


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