blonde wavy extensions


blonde wavy extensions

The world of hair extensions can be a confusing one since there are so many options available and sometimes it’s easier to jump on what’s trending. Real or fake hair? Clip ins or bonds? How do I know what colour I need?  Are they going to ruin my natural hair?  

We are here to answer any questions you have and get you on the road to thick, shiny, healthy hair (whatever the length).  

Beauty Works offer a unique range of salon quality extensions in a variation of over 40 custom colours and densities to suit any hair type and at Victoria Hutchinson & Co we can offer weave, nano bond, stick tips, pre bonded or tape methods.  We will begin by giving you a thorough consultation; running you through the options and matching your hair colour perfectly. Taking the time to consider your hair type, lifestyle and the look you want to achieve we will help you pick the right method for you and give you the finished look you desire.  


These are always offered as our favourite contender, but have you considered the pros and cons?   As the name suggests, tape in extensions come with pre-taped wefts made of medical grade adhesive and are usually an inch wide.   Depending on how they’re cared for and how fast your natural hair grows, tape extensions can last for around 4 to 8 weeks before they need to be changed or re-applied and should always be applied by a professional.  

After the backing of the adhesive is removed a thin strip of your hair goes in between two strips, essentially sandwiching your hair between the extensions.  They are distributed evenly in terms of length, volume and texture around the head for the most natural look. They should take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour to fit.  


Pre bonded extensions are generally most popular due to how durable they are.  The keratin bonds are applied by a certified stylist and can last up to three months with them then needing to be re-tipped and refitted which we can do in salon.  The hair is pre-tipped onto a keratin formula, once melted, the keratin cools and fuses into a solid bond onto the hair which will last many months and can only be removed by a specialist using specific tools.  

Individual strands mean the hair colour can be customised and a mix of beautiful shades can be blended to suit and colour palette.  Beauty Works range of hair extensions offer the perfect bond for his method, coming in huge selection of unique shades and lengths.  


Beauty Works Nano bond is a tiny bond that attaches at the root of the hair with the smallest ring system available.  They are suitable for all hair types and are ideal for ladies who like to have a full hairline from the front to the back.  Because there is a no glue or heat method it’s ideal for users that want to try extensions without the use of any chemicals and provide a longer term solution.  


Beauty Works also offer a range of weave in hair extensions with no glue, no heat and no damage.  The wefts are available in a huge variety of colours and are sewn in, meaning the application is a chemical free process and last four to six weeks before re-application is needed.  


Beauty Works stick tip extensions are designed for the micro ring application method.  This no glue and no heat method is perfect for users that want a longer term solution without the use of chemicals.  They are available in 18, 20 and 24 inches and every strand can maximise length. Limp locks can be transformed by attaching the bond to your own hair using a tiny micro ring.  The hair can be resized for multiple salon application with the hair lasting up to six months.


Like any semi-permanent beauty enhancement, this depends on a couple of different factors – 

  1. How you look after them at home.  If you keep them clean and brush them regularly they will last much longer and your natural hair.
  2. How often you attend the salon for maintenance.  Going too long without having them professionally maintained could result in unnecessary damage to your hair.

Many of our clients feel they don’t have to use as much heat on their hair once having extensions, resulting in healthier hair overall.   But if you have any concerns or questions or would like to book in for a consultation please fill in the contact form below.  

All our hair has a year guarantee if the correct aftercare advice is followed. If you’d like to book a consultation please click on the link. Can’t wait to see you!

Laura x

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