Honest Extension Review | The First Week

hair extension review

Honest Extension Review | The First Week

hair extension review

I’ve wanted hair extensions for sooo long! I am one of those typical girls who vow to grow their hair and then get bored half way through and cut it all off.  I haven’t had long hair since I was in my early teens, so when we booked our wedding at the start of this year, I decided it was finally time to invest. I started working at Victoria Hutchinson & Co at around the same time and knew that she was the go to when it came to hair extensions. It felt like it was meant to be! That we were brought together by the hair gods to give me beautiful luscious wedding hair.  

I went in to see Victoria and Callie for a consultation and colour match, had a good chat through the different methods of extensions and what we thought was best for me.  I already had my heart set on nano bonds as my skin can be quite sensitive to glue (I’m allergic to semi-permanent lash glue and brow tint) and they don’t use any kind of adhesive.I also felt like they will be less visible than tapes, although I think it’s mainly down to personal preference and how you like to dry your hair.  

We decided on a couple of colours that would work best to match my ombre and booked in the fitting. Eek!  When it came to sitting down in the hair and getting the hair out though, the colour match samples were slightly different to the hair that came, and Victoria decided that we needed to add some more caramel tones to get the perfect match to my hair.  Was I disappointed?? Not at alI ; I 100% trust Victoria and would much prefer for her to be happy with the colour than rush and get not as good a final result.  

So a week later I’m all set.  I gave my hair a wash and blow dry in the morning to make sure it was clean but not too soft and because Victoria had told me I couldn’t wash it for a few days after application.  The appointment took around two hours as I had 150 grams fitted, but is there anything more relaxing that having your hair played with all morning? It didn’t hurt at all, and Victoria and Callie asked me to let them know if any of the bonds felt a little tight, as they could always be loosened if they were uncomfortable.  

After they were all fitted Victoria cut the extensions as we’d ordered 20 inches which was a bit long for me, and shaped them around my face before giving me Hollywood waves.  I LOVED IT! It was a huge change for me but the thickness, length and colour match was perfect. I felt so glam! The next couple of days they definitely felt tight. Not uncomfortable, but I knew they were there.  I’d say for the first week they were a little tight and a little itchy, but not so much that I thought about taking them out. I’d been told this was normal and what to do if I felt like something wasn’t quite right.

Victoria recommended an extension brush that was nice and soft and would get caught in the bonds, and also some Beauty Works products that are sulphate free and specifically formulated with essential ingredients that have been developed to expand the lifespan and performance of your hair extensions.  I went for the Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo and the Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner which smell SO good and leave both my natural hair and extensions feeling silky smooth.  

It’s also really important to protect the extensions from damage from heat styling so I got the Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray and use this before blow drying and curling.  After a couple of times of styling it myself I decided I needed a serum to help blend the extensions into my natural hair and to give it all a smoother finish, so I bought the Argan Serum.  A couple of pumps of this smoothed onto either straightened hair or curled makes so much difference and gives it a real natural shine.  I also treated myself to a few super soft velvet scrunchies to tie them in a loose ponytail at night so they didn’t get pulled or knotted.    

I washed my hair three days after having my extensions fitted, and gave myself plenty of time to wash and style them properly without rushing.  With any new hair cut it always takes a while to get used to styling it yourself, so having loads more thickness and about and extra 5 inches I knew it may take some time.  

I took extra care to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner, especially from around the bonds, to make sure they didn’t get clogged with product and start to slip out.  The shampoo I massaged into the root to cleanse any oil whereas the conditioner I concentrated on not just the ends of my extensions but also on the ends of my natural hair so that stays nice and healthy.  

I had to make a conscious effort not to flip my head and wrap my hair in a towel, as this can put pressure on the bonds.  I gently dabbed it with a towel, sprayed it with heat protected and gave it a rough dry. Once it was about 80% dry I blow dried it with a big round brush avoiding further up with the bonds, making extra care to ensure the bonds were completely dry.  Once it was completely dry I gave it a big wave with the Beauty Works Professional Styler, starting at the left and working backwards till I got to the other ear then worked back from the front of that side.  

A quick spray of hair spray and I was good to go!  

hair extension review

I’m now a week into my hair extension journey and I’m still in love with them.  At first I could always feel the tightness and weight, and could feel the bonds when I went to bed, but now I don’t notice them at all.  

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this was helpful to you if you are thinking about getting hair extensions.  I’ll be back once I’ve had my eight week refit and bridal hair trial to keep you posted about how I’m getting on.

If you’ve recently had extensions and want to know how to keep them looking their best, click this link for our printable aftercare guide https://victoriahutchinson.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Aftercare-Google-Docs.pdf

Laura x 

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