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We love hair extensions and we know you do too but what if you could have extensions without costing you anymore money? No more dipping into your savings or paying off your credit card! We’ve put together another money saving blog post to help you afford your dream hair but without you even noticing your bank balance drop. 

  1. Direct debits

Print off your last 6 months bank statements. Check what direct debits you have, go through each one and ask yourself do I really need this? Cancel as many as you can and look for better prices on the ones you have. Whether it’s a gym membership or a Netflix account you no longer need, even the £5 a month will soon add up to a bigger saving.

2. Shopping

This isn’t for the Zara top you don’t really need as these are a definite NO for saving money. But for the essentials you know you to have to buy like a toaster.  Spend some time shopping around for the best deal as you might find the same product on sale for half the price. This is extremely easy to do on google shopping

3. Cash

Seriously, all of us should think about purchases we make a LOT more.  If you had to hand over physical cash every time you shopped, our spending would probably take a serious dip.  Try and take cash out at the beginning of the week as a budget rather than tapping your card every time and you’ll soon see your balance mounting up

4. Plan your meals 

It’s easy when you’re in a rush in the morning to skip breakfast and buy something on the go, especially when you’re hungry.  Having a big meal first thing will keep you fuller longer and taking lunch with you could save you around £5-£10 A DAY! You’re also more likely to have a healthy lunch if you’re not tempted by the goodies by the till.  

5. Check your wardrobe

Have you got any unworn purchases you know you’re never going to use?  If they were bought less than 28 days ago take them back and get a refund, and if not try anyway.  Some of the bigger stores will give you credit that you can save for something you really need.

6. Have a virtual car boot

Have a good clear out and get selling! This could be clothes, electricals, bags and could be a goldmine of cash just waiting to go into your extensions pot.  

7. Save money AND the planet

The money you have to invest in a travel mug is small change in comparison to the cash you could save in fancy coffees.  Many of us now see a ‘Starbs’ as an essential, and if you can’t live without your daily caffeine boost just take it with you.  

8. Have a dry month

This doesn’t have to be saved for January.  Staying off the prosecco for 30 days could save you some serious money and will also be good for your health!  If alcohol is your ‘treat’ replace it with some ‘me time’ like a long bath, a walk in the county or an hour with a good book.

9. Delete your details

One click shopping culture makes it easier than ever to impulse buy.  Get rid of your Paypal app and delete your card details on your favourite shopping sites so you’ll only make the purchases you REALLY want or need.  No one can be bothered to get off the sofa to grab your purse once you’re settled for a night of TV.

10 . Choose your vice

Most of us have a vice.  For some of us it’s retail therapy, for others it’s comfort food.  If you’re an emotional shopper and use it to cheer yourself up or hit the shops when you’re stressed, think of other ways to vent.  If you already have a gym membership, go for a weights session or lively class. Or make yourself a spa at home, gather your favourite products and give yourself a facial.  

I hope you find some or all of these handy and if you’ve managed to fill your extension fund already book in here for a free consultation.

Laura x

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