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Seeing as 2018 wedding season has quietened down I wanted to get back into blogger again. I thought this post would come in handy in order for you to squeeze some extra cash for your big day. These simple money saving hacks will make your current budget saving miles easier.

Morning Coffee

We all love that morning cup of caffeine on our way to work, but this is actually costing you on average a huge £650 a year. That is your hair and make up budget right there.. So invest in a travel mug and some good ground coffee and sip on your satisfyingly homemade brew.

Halve Your Weekly Shop

Half of our weekly shop actually ends up in the bin. Plan your meals and only buy what you need for 7 days which will avoid a huge amount of waste. Make the most out of 2-for-1 deals and buy own branded products.

Homemade lunches

If like us, you spend at least £5 a day on your lunch then it’s perhaps time to switch your sandwiches and soups to homemade… £5 a day saved on making your own dinner will come to £1,200 in a year. Thats a massive chunk of your wedding dress paid for. Just by being more organised and frugal.

Buying New Clothes

This is maybe one of the hardest for those who live for the payday shopping haul. But the best thing to do is have a wardrobe clear out – you’ll probably find loads of stuff you forgot you owned. And even better, the stuff you want to ditch you can sell at a boot sale or online on Ebay or Depop. Then use that cash towards a new purchase.

Going Out

This is a hard one because no one wants to stop enjoying their social life. But cutting back on big nights out with the girls will save you more than you would expect. Instead find deals where you can get half price in restaurants and bars, or why not organise some nights in? A dinner party with friends is a great way to still have a fun night without the expense.

Bills, Bills, Bills

It’s hard to see all of your hard earned cash rack up, only to be direct debited out of your account to your various living bills. So check you’re on the best possible tariff for everything, from your mobile phone to your gas and electricity. This could seriously save you hundreds. Plus make sure you’re being frugal with your usage, turn down the heating, switch plugs off and stick to short showers over long baths.

Impulse Credit Card Spending

We all love having our credit card there when we need it, to splash out on those naughty purchases that we can pay back at a later date. But remember, you’ve got a wedding to pay for! So be strong and hold back on handing over the plastic, you’ll be so glad you did when it comes to forking out on bridesmaid outfits…


A terribly expensive habit that’s worth quitting just for health reasons alone! But cost comes into it too. Even if you smoke say one pack of 20 in a week, that’s around £520 a year. So make this your time to quit for the good of your health and bank balance.

The Gym Membership

If you’re in the gym every week and getting the most out of your monthly fee, then great, you’re an actual champion. But if you haven’t been for months, it’s time to cancel that membership. To keep in shape, try running clubs or fitness videos on YouTube – both free.

Takeaway Dinners

This is not only a great one for the waistline, but will actually save you SO much money, too. You might love your Friday night sushi order, but by cutting back and making healthy meals that last (like a chili that you can freeze leftovers), you’ll be saving at least £30 a week and that’s £1,560 in a year. Put that towards your catering on the day!

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