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Daily and weekly maintenance, hours of makeup for special occasions and the ton of prep that goes into us looking our best on our wedding day doesn’t just happen.  We’ve put together everything a 2020/21 bride needs to know to look and feel amazing.


Your hair requires love and attention in preparation for the big day.  Unlike make up and nails, there is no quick touch up than can improve months or years of damage.  We all know the issues that heat styling, washing and blow drying does to our hair. The constant split ends and the dreaded washed out colour. Be kind to your hair and start repairing it from the inside out.  Your diet, believe it or not, shows in your hair. So eating food like fish, nuts and eggs will give you a great start. For the outside, invigorate your scalp to encourage growth and natural sebum production to keep your hair nourished and use deep conditioning treatments on the ends to combat dryness.  We love the Kevin Murphy Angel Masque.   Unfortunately no products are magical enough to repair split ends so make sure you get a tiny trim around 3-4 weeks before.


No one wants dark circles and puffiness on their wedding photos, but with the stress and excitement of wedding planning they seem to be inevitable.  The skin around your eyes is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. Use a gentle, water soluble eye make-up remover and keep rubbing to an absolute minimum.  If you hold the pads on your eyes for 20-30 seconds the product should do its job without you having to scrub. Use an eye cream nightly and use a cool compress once or twice a week to calm puffiness, and do what you can to get a good night’s sleep leading up to the big day.  In the days running up to the wedding steer clear of foods that are high in salt as they can cause eyes to look swollen.  Glamglows Bright Eyes Cream helps to energise, de-puff and reduce the appearance of dark circles and also has super cute packaging. 


For that moment where you kiss your betrothed for the very first time after saying your vows, you need your lips to be in their most kissable state.  A Vitamin E balm, like this one with added honey by Jo Malone combats cracks and creases that weather and nerves can cause.  Many of us incorporate facial and body exfoliation into our weekly routine but forget about the lips.  A good exfoliation of the lips once a week will clear away dead skin. The best way to do this is with a warm, wet toothbrush in a gentle back and forth motion.  If you’re prepping for your wedding in the warmer months, make sure you protect them with sunscreen to stop them feeling (and looking) parched. 

Neck and Decollete

Not all dresses, but some, show off a little (or a lot) of neck and decollete.  This area can be overlooked as most of us tend to focus on our face, but think of the skin further down as an extension of the skin on your face.  Just remember that this fragile skin is thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of the body which means it needs special care to keep it smooth.  It can be exfoliated with a gentle scrub every other day, apply a light moisturiser daily and make sure you take your facial sunscreen down onto your neck.    La Roche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Facial Sun Cream is super light and won’t leave a white residue or sting your eyes.


When it comes to caring for your skin, each of us need a different prescription.  If you suffer with acne, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor. There are many things they can do with topical creams or medication, or consider a professionally consulted peel to knock out the bacteria and slow down oil production.  If you are making any big changes to your skin care routine, aim for six months before to get the best results and let your body adjust to any new medications. 

If you suffer with dull skin a skin expert at your local beauty salon can prescribe a course of facials that will clear the complexion, slough off dead skin cells and improve circulation.   These need to be started at least six months before the wedding and word of warning…do not get a facial within ten days of the big day because no matter how good your makeup artist is they won’t be able to hide a skin reaction.  Before your wedding we say hell yes H20! Drink tons of water leading up to the day to make your skin dewy and radiant. Chilly’s water bottles are not only gorgeous but will keep your drink chilled for 24 hours and can be personalised so you can take it to work without it being stolen!


I’m sure you’ve probably booked yourself in for a pedicure already, but if you’ve neglected your feet you may need more than one treatment.  You don’t always need to go to the salon; you can buy a pumice stone or foot rasp and leave it in the shower to scrub away dry, cracked skin on heels and toes. Feet should be damp, not soaking wet, and then treat your feet to a thick moisturiser under a pair of soft socks to retain body heat and seal in moisture overnight.  


Like your hair, your body can be treated inside and out.  You can get it in shape by taking a daily multivitamin which can tackles a range of annoying problems like digestive issues or frayed nerves.  These will up your energy factor and leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day. If you want to get in better shape, don’t force yourself to do hours on the treadmill if this isn’t your thing.  There are loads of fun fitness classes or just take a hilly walk. Exfoliation and vigorous moisturising can help with body tone as well as making the skin feel super soft.   


More than likely you won’t have your legs out, but that’s no reason to forget about them!  Shave only when the skin has been softened with warm, not hot, water and try and grab a shaving cream with moisturiser.  While they’re still damp apply a rich cream to lock in the moisture. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream contains our absolute saviour, hyaluronic acid and will leave your legs feeling super soft.


The days and months leading up to your wedding can be stressful and emotional and it’s really important to look after your mental as well as your physical health.  Take time out at least once a week doing something you enjoy that makes you feel relaxed. Many of your friends and family will offer their help, and if there’s something they can do, let them!  Not only will it take some of the load off you, it will make them feel involved; and leave you feeling relaxed and happy so you can make the most of your once in a lifetime day. 

Laura x

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