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Ive wanted to talk about this for a while and its something that is a big question when booking your hair and makeup. Why does it cost so much? We’ve all heard that saying “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” and its so true! When you stop to actually think about what you’re getting for the cost, is it actually that expensive?



If you don’t think hair and makeup is worth the expense and you hire a cheap nonprofessional, you will most definitely stay up all night the night before your wedding wondering if they will even turn up? I’ve had a few brides contact me in major panics due to their wedding hairstylist cancelling last minute and it seems to be the same ‘nonprofessionals’ time and time again which makes me think that they don’t value how important your wedding day is. A professional hairstylist would never cancel a wedding unless it was absolutely necessary and would help to find alternative arrangements.

A lot of nonprofessionals don’t even have contracts with you so they can cancel at the last minute, take another job that is larger which means more money for them leaving you to now panic and find a replacement.




Here’s a few pointers on why it is worth paying that little bit extra.


There is nothing more stressful than having to travel around on the day of your wedding getting your hair and makeup done. You want to wake up in your pyjamas, sipping champagne with your best girls and feel at complete ease that you’re going to absolutely LOVE your wedding hair.


A professional packs up all her products and travels to you on the day of your wedding. Sometimes the journey can be a couple of hours to venue and the same on the way back. This time is unpaid with fuel costs and unsociable hours. (I have been known to set off at 4am in the morning to be somewhere for 7am). Many of us travel not only with our big heavy kits, but bring the chair, lighting and sometimes even a fold up table directly to you for your comfort and convenience. We then stand for sometimes 6 hours straight without a break or sitting down for 5 minutes – That is pure love for our job!


You are paying for the training classes that we take to keep informed and up to date. (Which are extortionately expensive) You are also paying for hours of practising and inventing new styles to give you inspiration for own hair.
You are paying for our knowledge of what products to use and which to avoid.
You are paying us to bring to life your ‘vision’ of how you want to look and feel on your day.


We take your wedding day seriously, we show up on time and provide you with the best luxury service.

I know professionals that have missed family reunions, holidays, even wakes and funerals not to let down a bride.

We give up all of our weekends over the summer because we LOVE what we do! However, we still have to price accordingly.


As freelance hairstylists we set our prices to reflect many things including to account for time spent with you. The amount of time spent with emails, telephone calls, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Keeping our products and kits cleaned and well stocked. All of these take time out of our working day and need to be factored into the cost. We must cover all the expenses associated with being self-employed. There are Insurance costs, products costs, advertising costs, website update costs; and we have to pay taxes too just like everyone else.

You invest so much time, money and effort to get the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect photographer that will see your ‘vision’ for your day.
And then you want to ruin it all by hiring someone based on saving yourself …what?
£30.00?,  £50.00?,  £100.00?  £150.00?   Seriously?

Anything that is in high demand, requires skill and comes with years of experience will cost money.

Would you hire a builder or plumber because they are the cheapest? I very much doubt it!

I hope this post was helpful and maybe something to think about when booking your wedding hair or makeup.

What finalises your decision when booking your hairstylist & make up artist? The price? Their reputation & professionalism? I’d love to know!

Victoria x

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